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Cognitum Research

2012-08-07 14:31
Cognitum Wave Explorer
With Cognitum Wave Explorer you can create a graphical representation of a wave pattern and test it on historical price data. “Adviser” service may watch for new trades in real time and send signals to your email account.


There are two ways how you can use Cognitum Wave Explorer for your trading.

First one: let’s imagine you have some definite ideas for a strategy, based on some model of price movements (the pattern). You construct this pattern in Wave Explorer and test it on price history data for one or more tickers. Having test results, you can easily see how effective this pattern strategy could be. Investigating various pattern configurations and stop-take combinations, you will find most effective way to trade your idea. Now you have good working strategy for your trading.

Second way of using Wave Explorer is analysing everyday market opportunities. You design a pattern representing current price situation for a definite ticker of your interest, using its preceding price movements. Testing this pattern on historical data will get you a suggestion or maybe even a clear direction of how you should act in this situation, what position will be more profitable, which configuration of stop and take it is better to use. This information alone or maybe with assistance of you favorite market indicators will help you to take trading decision.